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What does our Environmental Action Plan involve?

Our Environmental Action Plan sets out our environmental activities and goals for a five-year period. It explains what we will be doing in the short term and gives us a strategy for working towards our longer-term goals. We prepare a completely updated plan every five years, but its content is reviewed annually and revised where necessary. When we reach the end of each plan’s five-year span, we take the opportunity to look back on what we have achieved and identify areas where we need to improve or do more to reach our goals.

The latest Environmental Action Plan is the sixth we have produced. It was formulated in autumn 2015 and covers the period April 2016 – March 2020.

Our current environmental action plan

The plan we are working on today carries forward the three priority areas we established in the previous plan: how we can contribute to creating a low-carbon society, how we can achieve a recycling-based society and how we can do more to protect the environment and build a society that lives and works in harmony with nature. Our principal strategy remains the delivery of sustainable mobility by developing new and better eco-cars.