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Our governance structure

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) is governed by a Board of Directors (BOD) made up of six executive directors appointed by Toyota Motor Corporation, the sole shareholder of TME. Below the BOD, several committees assist in the execution of the board's duties.

The Executive Committee (EC) is the approval body for important functional and cross-functional strategy issues. EC members are appointed by the BOD, and consist of the President & CEO, Executive Vice Presidents and the Chief Financial Officer. The EC meets, on average, twice a month.

The Environment Committee is responsible for approving the regional environmental policy and the five-year environmental strategy. It comprises all TME Vice Presidents and above and formally convenes at least twice a year. The Environment Committee provides the venue for the formal Management Review of TME's Accredited ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, including the legal register and performance indicators.

The role of the CSR Committee is to steer and give direction to improve the way of doing business and to better respond to society’s expectations. Every year it reviews, sets and approves the results and targets of TME CSR KPIs, ensuring that divisional activities are in line with our overall vision of the company we want to be. The CSR Committee meets on average twice a year to approve the CSR assessment targets and sets directions for Toyota's CSR strategy in Europe. Members of the CSR Committee consisting of the President and CEO, all TME EVPs and VPs.

On behalf of the BOD and the EC, the Toyota European Audit Committee (TEAC) monitors for TME and affiliated companies the adequacy of risk management policies and internal controls, compliance with corporate policies and procedures, and the integrity of financial reporting. The committee meets four times a year and is chaired by the Chief Risk Officer (President and CEO).

The Future Mobility Committee enhances the environmental and technological leadership of TME by deploying new technologies supported by new services. This committee consists of four cross-company task forces centred on electrified vehicles, as well as infrastructure and services. Taskforce meetings are held weekly, depending on the topic. The committee reports back to the EC regularly.

The Quality Committee is responsible for reviewing TME quality systems and activities and setting the direction for areas of focus to drive further quality improvement in the company. Its members are the President and CEO and all TME EVPs and VPs. This committee meets three times a year.

The Toyota Fund for Europe (TFfE) Board is responsible for setting TME’s direction on social contribution activities, as well as for selection and approval of social contribution projects proposed to TME. The Board meets on average twice a year and consists of five members (VPs and EVPs).