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European Logistics

Learn about how we coordinate our movement of parts and vehicles across Europe.

The Toyota Parts Centre Europe (TPCE) is our central distribution centre, at the heart of our parts supply chain. Located in Belgium, it ships thousands of parts every day to our regional depots across the region.

The growth of our European manufacturing and sales means we have had to develop an efficient way of handling increasing numbers of parts – receiving them from our suppliers and shipping them to our workshops. This task is coordinated by the Toyota Parts Centre Europe, in Diest, Belgium.

The centre was opened in 1992 and underwent significant expansion in 1999 and again in 2006, increasing its warehouse space from 38,000m2 to around 100,000m2. It is at the heart of a supply chain that also includes 17 regional depots in countries across greater Europe, from Portugal to Kazakhstan.

TPCE stocks 205,000 different part numbers, received from 180 suppliers in up to 100 truck movements every day. It operates around the clock, shipping items to more than 40 destinations in 30 European countries.

What does TPCE do?

TPCE is responsible for Total Supply Chain Management – that means it organises both when and how parts are received into the warehouses, the process by which they are selected, picked and loaded to meet orders, and the transport logistics required for shipping them efficiently to the right place, at the right time. 

The office part of the operation looks after matters such as procurement, inventory control, customer support, quality, packaging and planning. Meanwhile, the team in the warehouse is responsible for receiving, sorting, storing, picking, packing and loading parts for shipment. On average, around 436,000 parts will be picked each day.