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What can we expect the future to look like?

We aim to make ever-better cars, making constant improvements to create vehicles that are exciting and exhilarating to drive, but at the same time help people enjoy cleaner, safer, less stressful and more connected lives.

Our ideals and our pride in our manufacturing will continue to ensure that at every stage, from design, development and production through to customer use, our vehicles will be of the highest quality, durability and environmental performance.

Europe will continue to play a special role in Toyota’s worldwide activities, as emphasised by Toyota Motor Corporation President Akio Toyoda in the Toyota Global Vision announcement in 2011. This positioned Europe as the global planning centre for our small and medium-size vehicles – the A B and C market segments – to ensure we make cars that compete with the best from the region’s long-established, prestigious brands.

We want people to fall in love with driving again, so we will develop cars they want to own and drive, with bold, distinctive designs and enjoyable handling and performance.

We will continue to develop our alternative powertrains and identify new green technologies, sustaining our long and proud record of innovation that has brought hybrid to the mainstream market and delivered the Mirai, the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell sedan. We will strive for even higher levels of safety, working towards the eventual elimination of traffic casualties through active and passive safety systems and intelligent new driver assistance concepts that can prevent accidents from happening.