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How did ED2 design the Toyota C-HR?

The original concept that paved the way for our mould-breaking C-HR crossover was created in Europe, true to the Global Vision approach we adopted in 2011 to find the best environments in which to develop different types of vehicles. We consider Europe to be the most demanding market for small and mid-size vehicles, so we use it as a benchmark when preparing new models for those segments.


In the case of the Toyota C-HR concept – a mid-size crossover – there was close co-operation between our planning centres in Japan and Europe so that we could gain a good understanding of the latest European customer demands and vehicle trends. The styling also owes much to European tastes, being developed by our ED2 studio in co-operation with other design centres around the world.

Our designers were able to take a completely fresh approach, to give the Toyota C-HR a unique style – modern and sensual at the same time. Equally important was the work of the European Sensory Quality team, which ensured the concept's designs were realised with just the right finishing. Supported by their engineering colleagues, they worked on every visual detail to achieve what we consider to be the best interior we have ever delivered in terms of sensory quality.